About me

I am a low to medium maintenance wife, working-mother and child of God from Montreal, Canada. I am really hoping to be able to add "blogger" to the words I use to describe myself.

I've always loved writing and started this blog in 2007.This year, though, 2014, I decided to really give it a real try. I still really enjoy writing and have fallen in love with social media as well.  So since starting my blog, I've also ventured into making some You Tube video. I really never thought I would but I did.  I want to share what I learn about hair care and also makeup. I also enjoy nail tutorials, organization/home decoration blogs and mommy blogs.  

I really just love life!!!!!  Keeping it positive and light is what I am all about. That is the way that I feel we can deal with all of life's many stressful moments.

For my hair lovers out there... I am posting my 2009 to 2014 relaxed hair journey journal entries at the same time as my current natural hair journey. I'm doing this because I want to share both journeys. I am actually more of a relaxer hair expert right now because I have more experience.

So grab a cup of coffee (I really love coffee) or tea and enter my world.  I am not about just one thing. I do have many interest but they are all the diverse paths into my world.

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