Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My current regimen - spring 2017

Hello stranger!

I've been on a long hiatus but I'm back to document my current regimen because it's a good one.

2016 was a rough year for my hair. It was actually the year I was supposed to see if my hair could grow longer than my breaking point. But I didn't make it... 🙁

Already in June, right after filming my length check video I could see that my hair was thin. I, right away, went to my dark place and mentally accepted that I was heading towards a setback.

The months went by and I could see my hair wasn't progressing. I was defeated... I stopped taking progress pics and stopped filming my length checks.

Six months went by and the new year had started. I had straightened my hair for my birthday in October and then for Christmas. My crown suffered the most breakage making my overall hair look thin and unhealthy (same as usual).

I was devastated...

I was this close to cutting my hair and calling my journey off altogether, but I didn't. I instead went on YouTube, watched a bunch of videos on excessive shedding and crown breakage and tried to build a new regimen that was more tailored to my needs.

My previous routine was:

  • Wash weekly (mostly cowash)
  • DC weekly
  • Protein treatment (when I felt like it, which was rarely)
  • Detangle not sectioning my hair
  • Style: wash and go all the time
This routine was not good enough for me.

My new routine is:

  • Prepoo with aloe vera gel and oil mix (olive oil and castor oil) - weekly
  • Wash with shampoo (Selsun Blue) in 6 sections - weekly
  • DC with Joico Moisture Recovery - weekly
  • Protein with ORS hair mayonnaise - every other week
  • Detangle in the 6 sections - weekly
  • Style: rollerset in twists - weekly

This prepoo helps to prep my hair for wash day. It definitely helps my hair with tangles from the beginning of the process. 

I no longer cowash, especially in winter because I need to use Selsun Blue to medicate my itchy scalp.

The DC with Joico Moisture Recovery is luxurious (favorite DC ever!). The treatment is thick, smells nice and makes my hair feel really soft and hydrated for days!

I keep my hair in 6 sections the whole time to help the detangling process. I've lost less and less hair every week doing this and I'm ecstatic.

I thought for a long time that twists were never going to be part of my regimen, but last year, I came to the realization that wash and go's were no longer a staple for me. The single strand knots were overtaking my life and my tangle led to so much breakage at the crown. 

I'm still tweaking my regimen here and there to make sure my crown gets the maximum hydration with the minimum irritation and hair loss.

I also take hair vitamins but I'm not completely sure they are helping any. They are hair, skin and nail vitamins and my nails have not shown any progress since I've started taking them. 

I love my new regimen!


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