Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Blog month - What did you do to your hair today?

I decided to try and post more this month since I just found out that November is Blog Post Month.

Today, I woke up happy and ready to tackle my last workday of the week. I didn't wake up early to workout. I haven't done this in months. But it's still on my nighttime to do list for tomorrow. 

I thanked God for my husband and my family, for the rested sleep and for the fact that our 3-year-old did not join us this time. 

What did I do to my hair?

Like most days, I sport a wash and go that I had set the Sunday before. My hair is still too short to pineapple so I sleep on a satin pillowcase. In the morning my hair is a mess but that's easily fixed.

Every morning I either spray my hair or wet it in the shower. This morning I wet it in the shower. Then, I shake my head to loosen the squished curls.  I blot with a microfiber cloth if it's too wet. That's it after that, my hair is back to being cute and I can get ready to be on my way. 

By lunchtime, My hair is dry because I only wet it a little. Just enough to reactivate the curls.

I'd love more tips and tricks.

What will you do to your hair this winter? 

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