Sunday, August 23, 2015

Iphone vs Android (a mommy's point of vue)

What a chock! After using an iPhone for almost three years, I had the crazy idea of switching to Android. OMG! What an idea!!!!!

Well, I've been using my new phone for three weeks so this review is really a first impressions because I haven't done everything I could do with the phone. I don't know everything about it and I may not ever do, but whatever...

So I previously had an iPhone 4s and I was in love with it except for the simple fact that it was getting old, my battery life was really bad and some apps (regular apps like Facebook) would crash all the time because it was old. But mainly I was starting to really want a larger phone.  

I thought about getting an iPhone 6 Plus. In all honesty, that was my first choice but it was just too expensive.  I just decided to think outside the box and get something more affordable with similar specs. And so, I got a Samsung Galaxy S6.

The switch between the 2 phones was super easy. No frustrations at all (but I love learning new tech).

Iphone vs Android? To me it's all the same, deep down. For a regular person (as opposed to a tech fan) both phones offer the same usage. You can text, make phone calls, check email, go on social media and even be productive with both an iPhone and and Android phone.

About this upgrade

*I am really happy about the bigger screen. 

*I learned really quickly how to use Android. It is not that much different from IOS. It is not like learning another language or anything really.

*Some of the functionalities iPhones don't have are really cool.

*The battery life is kind of bad so far (yeah, it SUCKS! I do not make it through the day if I don't charge my phone once or twice. One of my pet peeves is having to plug my phone everywhere I go.)

The only thing I don't like about the phone is the battery life so I've resolved it by charging my phone wirelessly at work at all times (I've never needed to do that before with my iPhone). If I do this, my phone can last me all day.  If not, the phone will die on me by 7pm (I usually unplug my phone between 5h30 and 6h30 am).

Somethings iPhones can't do that I can now do with this phone

  • My phone can replace my remote controls even my Apple TV one (and it is so easy to set up). I love it and it's useful.
  • You personalize can your phone to the point where no one can have it set up the same way you do. (I'm still using TouchWiz but i was able to personalize it greatly)
  • FAST CHARGING! (Once a week I forget to charge my phone at night, plug it in when I wake up and it's fully charged by the time I'm ready to leave.)
  • Wireless charging! *need I say more
  • The selfie camera is amazing!

I don't care about the technical stuff like the number of pixels. IPhone displays have been amazingly beautiful for years. Recently, the improvements have been minimal and the display difference between Samsung and iPhone is nothing to run home about.

I also don't care about RAM and Quad Core whatever it is... As long as the phone works and it's fast enough for regular use like emails, social media, taking pictures, etc.

I definitely love my Galaxy S6 except for the battery life.  Also, I got the phone in the Black Sapphire but I really wanted the white or the gold , which were not available the day I went to the store. I regret not waiting... So make sure you get the phone you really want because you might regret it and it's expensive to decide to get another before you're up for another upgrade.

There are definitely more great things to say about either phones but I find that reading tech reviews and watching tech guys showing off their phones doesn't really apply to a regular user sometimes.  They mostly talk about specs that no one cares about. I like to read mom reviews, dad reviews and even watching teenagers showing off their phones on YouTube.

So this is my little comparison...

I might go back to iPhone next upgrade because battery life is so important to me and so far this massive con is just not sitting well with me.  Otherwise, I love the Samsung Galaxy S6. 

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