Saturday, April 11, 2015

Why everyone must go on a hair journey

natural hair journey
Before starting my blog or right at the beginning, I should have asked and also answered this question: "Why should anyone go on a hair journey?"

Why the hair journey?

Why not?  I went on my first hair journey because I just felt like there was something better that I could be doing to take care of my hair.  I felt like I hadn't investigated or maybe I hadn't tried to understand my hair enough and in a sense, I felt like I was cheating myself.

Back then, I was relaxed and my hair was thin and short. I kept it short but not by choice even though I knew how to make it suit me but because I could not grow it passed my shoulders.  It broke off, fell off and it was impossible for me to make it look nice longer.

Things I never knew about

I never knew about any good hair practices. I never knew about relaxing properly and not overlapping. It's the basics, but salons, where I went, didn't do it.  

I never knew about moisturizing. No one ever said one thing about that to me, ever.

I never knew about stretching, quite the opposite.  I was told by a stylist that I had to relax my hair every 4-6 weeks because it was dry when I was in my late teens.  But that was wrong!

It's a new day

Since the beginning of the hair care movement, many black women have had their eyes open to new possibilities. It is not only the 1% anymore... The girls with "good hair genes".

It's true, I feel like only 1% of the black women around me don't have issues with their hair.  Most wear wigs or weaves, most can't grow their hair past their shoulder, most experience hair loss on a regular basis.  Going on a hair journey may remedy some if not all of that.

To start, I would say it's is good to start small.

  1. Elaborate a plan - Your Hair Journey
  2. Add your hair care routine steps to your calendar
  3. Raid your product stash
  4. Evaluate your hair stylist
  5. Follow through
  6. Take progress pics (monthly, quarterly, but not daily)
  7. Don't stop believing

It's worth it to try. 

Everyone should go on a hair journey.

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