Saturday, April 11, 2015

Video - my 1 year update

Check it out!!!!!

Last year, I cut my hair really short and this is one year later and I am really happy about my progress.

This video is the 4th length check I've posted on You Tube and I can see that my hair does grow consistently. On the video, I compare my 9-month length check with the one-year length check. However, my thumbnail shows the comparison between a couple of days after my big chop and one year of growth.

So far, I can see that my hair thrives in its natural state. I didn't get to one year without a setback on my relaxed hair journey.

I've had no setbacks so far. A little bit of itchy scalp in the last couple of weeks. I'm taking MSM for the inflammation and it seems to help. I've also recently started to rub some coconut oil on my scalp where the inflammation happens. But this year was a good year for my scalp, no major flare ups.

What will my second year bring?

I'm hoping for more growth but that's a given. What else? Well, I'm also hoping to keep riding this wave. I love my hair right now and I'm hoping the honeymoon period doesn't go away.

I also want to get better at doing hair. I'm pretty sure the honeymoon period will end once I start feeling self-conscious about how I look. I'm not looking forward to the awkward stage and it's rearing its head more and more every day. But for now, all is good.

Here's to year 2! And no setback...

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