Saturday, January 10, 2015

Healthy hair regimen - winter in Canada edition

My backyard

This is my first winter since my big chop. I've gone through winters as a natural before but I don't really have any tips from these experiences. I wasn't on a hair journey back then.

Winters are hard on my hair in general. I noticed that during my relaxed hair journey. Here is the regimen I used back then.

Natural and Relaxed hair winter regimen:

  • Moisturize and seal daily
  • Prepoo before shampoo
  • Deep condition once or even twice a week
  • Use longterm protective styles like braids or sew-ins or wigs
  • Do roller sets (or air dry) instead of using the blowdryer to dry your hair 

Moisturize and seal

Any person on a hair journey knows that hydrated hair is healthy hair. For some, moisturizing daily is the only way to ensure consistently hydrated hair. I used to hydrate my hair daily on the winter and continue to o so as a habit, as a way to start styling my hair and also because I know how beneficial this part of any routine is.

Prepoo before shampoo

I myself rarely shampoo but when I was relaxed, I used to prepoo and thought it was a great method to keep your hair healthy. A prepoo is basically a pre-shampoo treatment. It acts as a protection for your hair from the harsh detergents that are in shampoo. 15 minutes is all you need. You can use oil or conditioner or both to do this. I've also prepooed with honey, it is very moisturizing. You apply whatever mix you decided to make to your damp hair and leave it for at least 15 minutes. When you are ready to wash it out, it's time to shampoo. After that you go on with your wash day routine.

Deep condition regularly

I say once or twice a week or even more if that is possible. My regimen is tailored to my life. It's true that I may not have 2-3 day a week available to set aside some time to DC. But I know I have at least one day. I take advantage of it. The rest of the week, I cowash after the gym. I feel like that's a lot of hydration.

Use longterm protective styles

I know that is good advice. I don't often follow it because I cannot stand braids on my hair too often. I can't do sew-ins either. I feel like those aren't for me. I guess could wear a wig but only once in a while. I couldn't do it every day. But I know for a fact that wearing braids for example was very beneficial to me when I've done it.

Roller sets

I am very big on roller setting. I advise every one on a hair journey to add this drying method to their most used way of drying their hair list. On my previous hair journey, I mostly air dried. That was a good method. But roller setting is even better. The hair is smoother, less tangles, softer and shinier when using this method. It is versatile in that you get magnificent curls when roller setting with smaller rollers. But when using larger roller, you can achieve the nicest silky wrap without using direct heat.

I think I will base my winter hair regimen on my old relaxed hair winter regimen. I may not wear braids, sew-ins or wigs. I am not a fan of those protective styles. I will of course air dry instead of using any heat.

This year, so far, I am not suffering from itchy and irritated scalp like I usually do this time of year. I am really not sure what causes it or what is different this year. I figured it was the colder month bringing more dryness to my hair and scalp.  

I used Shea Moistures African Black Soap Balancing Conditioner for a little while. I do feel like this product helped me considerably. I plan on repurchasing it.

This will be my regimen. I will update if any changes occur.

So what's your winter regimen? Is it working so far?

xoxo, Anny