Sunday, November 2, 2014

Relaxed hair journey - 1st trim since my beginning (almost 1 year) - March 13, 2010

I went to my stylist yesterday. I needed a trim (last one was April 9th 2009). He sees me like every 6-9 months (11 months this time), but he is so nice and professional and supportive. I really liked it.

So I had to trim. I knew it and I went for it. I will try to trim every other relaxer from now on. That's every 6 months approximately.

The way he trimmed, I could tell I didn't lose much length. But I asked him to take off a little bit because of some breakage I am growing out. He told me: "keep doing what you're doing and be very gentle with the area where the breakage occurred. It'll grow back. And when it's at a length you're confortable with, we'll even everything out." I love him...

The salon where he works is located near my office. They are so professional that I can drop in on my lunch break and be back to work in time before the hour is up.

I was so afraid to cut my hair, but I realize my fear is irrational. I love neat ends, always have. Plus if I moisturize and seal properly and go easy on the flat iron, my ends can stay nice longer. Every now and then, I'll shape up the look so it grows out nicely.

My pic is not a length check pic (it's curled). That is the way he styled it after the trim. I know it's a little shorter, but not that much. I'll post a comparison on my next wash day.

I got so many compliments on that 'do, I'll try to imitate it on special occasions. I love curls...

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