Saturday, October 18, 2014

I tried it! Sally Hansen Salon Effects real nail polish strips review

First day, September 27th

We all know as moms or simply as a busy woman or young girls sometimes cutting corners and finding hacks can feel like winning the lottery (well, almost).  I had seen these boxes in the store before but never really knew if I would like to try them.  No one I know had. I didn't know how easy they would be to apply and how long the would last.

Can I just say how much I love You Tube right now!  One of the girls I follow nguerriero19 (Nicole Guerriero) tried it and she said she was obsessed with them.  Actually, she didn't try the Sally Hansen brand but to me this brand is reliable and I like quite a few nail products from them.  I had a special occasion and I wanted my nails to look really good so I bought a box and tried.

Just like I hope, the process was not "painful" at all. It was easy, a no brainer even.  I prepped my nails the same way I would have if I were going to apply nail polish.  They give you a mini file/buffer so I shaped my nails, I like them squoval. I applied some nail polish remover to get rid of oils on top of the nail.  I buffed the nail bed just a little bit and then I was ready for the nail strips.

Next step is to size each nails with the right strip and then to start applying. I found that my nails were a little big for the strip they give you. But then again, the style is to not cover the nail completely with polish anyway (at least I hope it is). I still like the overall appearance of them.  They looked really sharp.  I got so many compliments!

Writing this October 7th


It most definitely will last up to 10 days like it says on the box.   It looks better than worn out nail polish.

On my first try of this product, I did not use a base coat or a topcoat.  Next time, I will add the topcoat to see how much longer it will last.

I can say I give it a thumbs up for sure.  I will give 4 out of 5 stars though.  I bought a second pack of the polish strips (a French manicure set) thinking it was going to be just as easy to apply only to realize that this was not the case.  The French manicure set may take me twice as long and require precision.

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