Friday, October 24, 2014

Hair update... December 15th 2009 (pic 11 weeks post, blow dried)

Yesterday was my last wash day before my next relaxer, Saturday... I am super excited. 11 weeks post this time. I will go to a stylist for the first time since I started my hair journey (for this service). I'm nervous. I keep telling myself my hair won't fall out even if she doesn't do it exactly how I do it. I cannot tell her what to do every step of the way. I will calculate the time it takes to apply and tell her when I'm ready to rinse. I will ask for a reconstructor ofter the rinse. I will ask for a DC after neutralizing. I will only roller set, no heat pass. I'll do my own saran wrap at home. Oh yeah, and before I go, I'll base my scalp and protect my already processed hair with oil or conditioner.

I've already tried her out, she's ok. I don't think I'll have a major problem. I will also say a prayer because I don't want to be annoyed and have an awful time.

So yesterday, for my wash day I did my pre-relaxer routine. I did a medium protein DC ( ORS hair mayo) on dry hair. I washed with a clarifying/chelating shampoo (1st lather) then another lather with Kera Care hydrating detangling shampoo (love it). Then I DCed with Kera Care Humecto (my hair loves this stuff).

What a difference. I think my hair likes high-end, expensive hair products. It likes the Chi products I had (I bought sample sizes to try out) and it likes Kera Care a lot. When I use cheapie conditioners for cowash for example, my hair tangles in an abnormal way. Also, when I have a lot of new growth my hair reacts differently to certain products. I really have to be careful.

It doesn't do that with the high end products. Yesterday, after my DC, my hair was like butter, B-U-T-T-E-R!!!! I did not use a detangler and did not lose much hair. It was a great wash day. I am willing to use high-end, but I don't think I can afford it. I wash and cowash my hair 2-3 times a week. Once a week is not enough for me.

Does this mean I have to buy more products just because I don't want to buy Chi and Kera Care regularly. I don't really feel like it... We'll see.

I ended my wash day with a blow out. I decided to blow dry on the last wash to fully detangle my hair before the relaxer. My only mistake was drying with the hooded dry before because that caused my hair to harden and tangles. I thought it would minimize the heat, but nah. I'll know for next time.

Overall, great wash day. *happy dance* :-D

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