Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mommy favorites - Canon Rebel T4i (and my Canon collection)

OMG!!!!!  I've fallen in love all over again!  15 years ago, in my early twenties I purchased my first real camera, a Canon SLR.  It was the Canon Rebel G... It was the entry level SLR back then, it was not digital. I had purchased it with my earnings from my part-time job and I was really proud of it.

It worked with regular 35mm film and I had to pay to get all my pictures developed. I spent hours reading books on photography to be able to use my new gadget. I was in love...  I've always had an interest for photography.

Mind you, I never really pursued it. I never took classes or anything of the sort. I read books and articles and my owner's manual through and through.

When digital photography came about, I wasn't impressed. I waited years before I purchased my first digital camera. And when I did, it was a Canon...  As my first digital camera I got a point and shoot but it was a little more advance than the regular, cheaper ones. It was the Canon Powershot A95. It took gorgeous pictures.

This camera had a flip screen which is a functionality my husband and I always loved, it had 14 shooting mode with P and M included. You could film with this camera. All around, it was great!  It last us a few years but not long enough to get our money's worth in my opinion.  It worked with 4 AA batteries and a compact flash card which is much larger than an SD card.

After our Powershot started giving us some difficulty, we decided to get something I thought would be close to having a DSLR, we got the Canon Powershot SX20. I didn't really like that camera.

It was almost as expensive as the A95 which is not so bad, but the quality wasn't great. My pictures weren't impressive. Truthfully, I expected better.

After that, I got a small point and shoot, the Canon Powershot A2200. We wanted a small inexpensive Canon to bring when we didn't feel like bringing our bigger SX20.

Lastly, after 15 years, I went back to the Rebel...  We purchased our DSLR, the T4i, after I made sure all the functionalities of the camera would suit my needs and wants.

I, of course, wanted a flip screen.  I also wanted the camera to be able to record quality videos easily. I got all that and more with the T4i. I could have purchased the T3i, but mine was one sale and beating the price of a T3i at the time. However, for an amateur like me, the only notable difference between the two models is the touchscreen (but I LOVE this capability).

I love everything about my camera but specially the fact that it reignited the spark I had for photography way back when.

These days, my preferred models are my family, my kids, my nephew and niece, at family gatherings and weddings. The pictures are magnificent. And I know it's only the tip of the iceberg. 

The only thing I can say about it is that the auto-focus in video mode isn't great. It's makes an annoying sound and it is way too sensitive. Other companies have had that functionality down for years but not Canon. Shooting You Tube videos and showing products with this camera is not as great as with the Sony DSLR for example. 

Nevertheless, it's a great camera and I am really happy with my purchase. I've had it for almost a year now. But I knew I would love at least as much as my Rebel G.

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