Saturday, March 8, 2014

Relaxed Hair journey post - I relaxed today at 8 weeks post (July 23, 2009)

Yes, I did it... I was supposed to wait 9 weeks, but I cracked because I have a wedding on Saturday and I didn't like my hair all week last week, so I said what the hay! I did it. I tried to correct my last relaxer so this one was hard. I prepared my hair for the relaxer. I clarified and did a protein treatment on Saturday and I didn't wash/co-wash my hair at all this week. That was hard. I applied castor oil on my scalp during the week and tried not to put too much product/oil otherwise on my hair. Only a light moisturizer and seal every night. I'm happy, my hair feels good. I'm deep conditioning right now. I hope to have some pics by Saturday. As for growth, I'll wait until Saturday to evaluate. I'm probably going to bed with a damp bun tonight (I am not blow-drying for sure) so...

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