Saturday, March 8, 2014

Relaxed Hair journey post - 1st roller set on my own (August 7, 2009)

I finally tried rollersetting last night after my cowash/protein treatment. It is an art to be mastered. I believe that I can achieve great skills after a few practice runs. I didn't get all the rollers tight enough and that is a key principle of this method. At least, the rollers stayed on my head. I didn't have enough magnetic rollers so I had to complete the set with those rollers with teeth. Magnetic rollers are harder to put in but they give you a nice smooth finish, no bumps. I saw the difference with last night's experience and I will definitely go and buy more magnetic rollers (today!!!). You need between 40 and 50 rollers of different sizes for the whole head (the sizes depend on your length). You also need from 80 to 100 clips to secure the rollers. Last night I needed 2 per roller, but as I get more experienced, I'm sure I'll use just one clip on most rollers and two clips on my anchors, we'll see.

I loved the result. My hair is so thin that I prefer it with body. I don't really like wrapping my hair for this reason. Rollersetting is great for body, volume, smoothness and curls of course. I didn't get the rollers tight enough to get smooth roots though. And, I was to tired to blow out my roots.

It took about 50 minutes to dry with a crappy tabletop hardhat dryer (I want a hair dryer on wheels). After it dried, I loosened the curls with my fingers, tied my hair in a loose ponytail and put a roller on the ends, put my scarf on and off to bed. Next morning, I still have body, waves, but I don't have the roller set look (which is too retro for me).

I also dusted my ends a little. That is another art to master. Handling scissors in front of the mirror is hard for me. Anyways, I did it. I still have to go back on You Tube and watch other tuts on the subject...

Here my latest... HHJ!!!!!

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