Saturday, March 8, 2014

Relaxed Hair journey post - 1st domenican blowout since beginning of HHJ (September 5, 2009)

I pre-pooed at home. She didn't mind at all. I was happy about that. I know I can always do that. She shampooed with a Nioxin shampoo (I forget which one - I'll look it up). Then she put a reconstructor and let it sit in my hair no plastic cap, no heat. Rinse that out put Salerme leave-in (I use that one myself). Then she put the rollers on with a fine tooth comb and put me under the dryer for 30 min (no hair net). After that she straightened my roots with the flat iron (I'm six weeks post) and tried not to flatten my volume which seemed to be hard for her. What I loved the most is that I was in and out in 2 hours, no wait. Also, she had a maximum of three clients with her.

In my area, there are not a lot of good hair care specialist. I am working on bettering the health of my hair myself, but I know for certain things, I HAVE to see a stylist. So she passed my test. I'll go see her for my next relaxer, after that if she also passes, she's a keeper.

I don't have to get a blowout every time, although the fine tooth comb did break my heart. She told me what she was using on my hair. Still, her hair is not top shape. She's EL with green clip-ons. Her hair looked dry. I'm still trying her out. The proximity to my home, the price and the overall impression was good. I think I can work with her.

My hair is swinging, blowing in the wind and beautiful. Today is also the last time I use heat until next month for my birthday. No heat is really good for me. I almost prefer my hair air-dried now.

Here are the pics..

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