Monday, February 10, 2014

Weightloss journey - 4th entry

158.1 lbs and flabby...

I've lost all the baby weight and now the real challenge starts. I'm at my pre-baby weight minus the flabby stomach. Who knew that would make such a difference. So, I realize that exercising is mandatory for me. Unless I'm willing to live with the flab.

I'm not super into my looks. But still, I like to look good like most people. I will not go overboard in my search for the best body I can have. It's hard enough to learn to accept yourself as you are. Putting pressure on yourself to change the person you say you accept is hard on the mind. 

I want to better myself without modifying this version of myself that I really like these days. 

My body failed me in my early 20s when it started putting on weight without me understanding why. But then after that, it did amazing things for me like have three beautiful and healthy kids with perfect pregnancies. So, I've forgiven my body for some of it's failings. 

I'm focused on the greatness. That's how I'll be able to surmount this big montain of trying to workout regularly. I haven't been able to stick to a workout schedule. 

I want to do so much... Insanity, T25, BodyRock's 30 day challenge, my dvds...  I don't know...

I've lost the weight without really dieting... But I have some kind of regimen which allows me to eat what I want. I don't lose massive amounts at a time but that's ok.  If I had exercise, it'll be fine.

I will start this week.

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