Saturday, March 8, 2014

My mommy favorites - Pocket Malden Filofax in grey

I purchased this Filofax a few months ago. I've been lusting over a Malden since I started my obsession with Filofax. But being on a tight budget, I couldn't justify the expense. It's always: house, kids, bills first (as it should be). So I waited. I knew a great sale would come along at the right time and it did.

I buy my filofaxes on the usa website ( The service is great, shipping is fast to Canada, just great all around except for the inventory. They have less and less choices every time I go on there.

Anyways, that day, I was just browsing. I saw that there were a few organiser on sale. I clicked on the link and went to see if any of them would interest me. I saw the Malden and my heart started beating a little faster.  I decided on the Pocket size because I already own an A5 Chameleon and a Personal Aston. Also, the color I wanted was not on sale.  I wanted the Ochre. I bought the Grey. 

I like it!  And the smell...  I've had for a few months now and use it every day as my wallet. My Personal size Aston is my big wallet where I keep all my cards and everything I need for a special purchase. My every day wallet has every day thing like driver's licence, debit card, one credit card and two of my most used rewards cards. 

I used to carry every thing all the time but now I see that if you are organised you don't have to do that.  I also have a separate coin purse for my twonies, loonies and other coins. I've always done that. 

I don't really use the diary. It may have happened once to jot down something but otherwise never. I also keep receipts and stamps in this wallet. I just love it!!!

Here are some pics taken with my iPad...

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