Friday, December 27, 2013

Hair journey post - Hair update... I am actually 3 weeks post but... (06/23/09)

It feels like 13 weeks post since my last relaxer (very under processed texlax) didn't take at all. :(I have been managing with my new growth and my hair. Except that I have been having breakage these past few days. I have done a hard protein treatment (Aphogee two step) a week ago and continue to do light protein weekly (ORS replenishing pack) followed by a moisturizing DC. The only thing I can think of is that Sunday I flat ironed my hair (maybe I shouldn't have). I wanted a straight look for church. I can see where my hair broke off in the front of my head. It's only the very front and a few hairs, but to me it's a setback since my first goal is to eliminate breakage. Tonight, co-wash, light protein, air dry and pin curls.

(happy hair growing)

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