Friday, December 27, 2013

Hair journey post - Texlax attempt after 8 week stretch (05/30/09)

I self-texlaxed today with ORS Olive Oil No-lye. This is my first real texlax. I watched You Tube to get some techniques all week. Conclusion: I really need to find a stylist. The whole thing was a mess. I tried to use the color brush, but it was too large for my sections. I got some relaxer where I didn't want any. I left it on my right side way longer than on my left side. My worst self relaxer in years. Maybe I was too nervous. Anyways, my roots are smoother, not too straight and I think my hair grew a little. I feel some hair brushing on my shoulders. I have to wait for my husband to take some pics tonight or tomorrow. The ones I took are awful. I'll post them ASAP. Let's see how I like my second cycle. I will try to stretch 9 weeks this time. So far so good, but I am very hard on myself. Maybe next relaxer I'll be able to claim SL (shoulder length). *crossing fingers* 


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