Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hair journey post - Seeing is believing (04/30/09)

I hadn't seen any progress with my hair. I guess seeing is believing. I posted three pictures last week-end. Just doing that reminded me of how far I have come.

Indeed, I did a BC last August because my hair shed excessively after my second pregnancy and it was no longer possible to hold on to the length. I was fine with it. I liked getting my hair cut in a cute style because I could never achieve length. Might as well have fun and be creative… But from August to January, my hair grew nicely.

I still had a little problem with my crown area, I think with my weekly regimen and the daily moisture, it will soon be solve.

Anyway, I was supposed to take a picture for the start of the castor oil challenge. I didn't have my camera, so I guess I’ll post it next Saturday (one week late) after washing, drying and moisturizing/sealing. We'll see what progress was made from Jan to April. If I see it I'll believe.

What a great adventure!!!

Now I need to know if my hair will grow past its breaking point (grazing shoulder length). This should be soon since I am now at low NL.

I can’t wait. I’ll definitely educate friends and family and more on healthy hair care if I succeed on my journey.

(This collage was made in August 2009 for a one year update for my big cut to a few month after starting my hair journey)

Why do I feel like I’m part of a revolution? I’m sure people have been sharing this knowledge for decades. Why the misinformation from our mothers (bless their hearts) and from licensed beauticians(!#@!$@#$@)? I praise the internet for allowing this knowledge to spread all over the world.

My very first goal is full shoulder length + thickness. After I reached this goal (meaning I will trim until my ends are no longer see-through) I will go for mid back length.

HHG everyone!

Present day commentary

I still feel like I am part of a revolution but people aren't falling in line.  I still don't know anyone who really is following a hair journey for the long haul.  It is a struggle sometimes.  But Your head has to be in a place where you will not give up because it takes a while to get where yau want to go.  It's a long journey.  I've been doing it for almost 5 years.

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