Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hair journey post - Guilty as charged (04/11/09)

When it comes to hair care, I plead guilty, guilty, guilty. The charge is abused to the first, second and third degree. After years of abusing my hair, I had a vision last week. Indeed, it was time to do a retouch of my relaxer, something that I “like” to do myself more often than I should. Anyways, I went to a store to buy the box kit and I guess I saw the women on the boxes and said to myself: "How come my hair doesn’t look like that?" The question was asked and answered... I have not given my hair the care it deserved to allow it to grow past my shoulders. These days, it even has a hard time growing to my neck. So I've decided to repent and I have sentenced myself to reading, surfing the internet, watching YouTube to learn more about hair care and to apply what I learn that makes sense for my hair.

I like my hair relaxed. I tried the natural look for a couple of years, but didn’t really like it. Plus, natural or with chemicals, without proper hair care my hair just doesn't grow. When I realized that it is not the relaxer that was damaging may hair, I went back to a hair salon for the first time in 2 years and started relaxing my hair again. The picture with the blue top shows my hair length after my second relaxer in July 2006. I vowed to go and have my hair done by a professional more often back then. I was also post-partum from my first child (my daughter) and still breast-feeding.

I also added a picture of my hair shoulder length. In July 2007, I had my son; yes they are very close, 14 months difference. During my second pregnancy, I really saw my hair growing, it was amazing. They say when you are pregnant with a boy; your hair will grow a lot. In my case, that was true.

I lost all that hair and body during the post-partum period. My hair started to fall out and shed like crazy. I even had bald spots in the front. It was traumatizing for me.

I have now decided, 5 years after cutting all my hair off to see if it would finally grow that my hair needs more care. Also, I have a daughter to whom I have to teach good hair hygiene, so I’d better start now to be good at it when she is older.

I am not going to cut it all off again to start fresh this time. I did a trim instead. It was a very light trim. I might have to go again next relaxer to another salon to trim again.

I haven't started my regimen. Next week-end... I am still in the process of buying products and gathering information.

Montreal and Laval (Canada) Hairlista's please add me. I need to know where you go and what you do. I need value for my buck.

c u next time,

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