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Hair journey post - Hair update... July 1st 2009

So far so good... Loving my progress

I actually do not have any progress pics, sorry... I don't even know how long my hair is (hoping for full SL) because I've decided not to use any heat until my next relaxer Aug 1st 2009. Since I won't be flat ironing, I can't accurately evaluate my growth. I feel it has grown, but I am trying to stop obsessing on the growth and really try to focus on understanding my hair. I think that is where I made the most progress.

I am now on a 9 week stretch. It's going well considering my last relaxer did not take and I have a lot of new growth for this stage of my stretch. I thought I wouldn't be able to manage, but I'm doing fine. So happy.

I've scheduled my relaxers for the remaining of the year and also for the year 2010. I have an important wedding, but my relaxer falls exactly right for June 2010.

I really want to cut down to 4 relaxers a year. I don't know if I'll be able to stretch 12-13 weeks regularly, but that's my goal for 2010.

So here are my scheduled dates :
*This year doesn't count, I've already relaxed 4 times jan-mar-apr-may :*(

Aug 01, 2009 (right in time for my DH's b-day and wedding anniversary)
Oct 8th, 2009 (in time for my b-day!!!!)
Dec 22nd, 2009 (in time for you know what...)

March 17th 2010
June 16th 2010
Sep 15th 2010
Dec 22nd 2010

Of course, I won't follow this schedule to the T. I will just follow the time period and adjust according to my actual schedule. I will always relax between 11 and 14 weeks. I found that it is better to plan my next relaxer so that I know what to do to avoid unnecessary breakage and disappointment. Also, if I need to book a hairdresser and have my kids babysat, the advance scheduling helps.

All I have to say is HHG everyone!!!!!!

Hair journey post - Hair update... I am actually 3 weeks post but... (06/23/09)

It feels like 13 weeks post since my last relaxer (very under processed texlax) didn't take at all. :(I have been managing with my new growth and my hair. Except that I have been having breakage these past few days. I have done a hard protein treatment (Aphogee two step) a week ago and continue to do light protein weekly (ORS replenishing pack) followed by a moisturizing DC. The only thing I can think of is that Sunday I flat ironed my hair (maybe I shouldn't have). I wanted a straight look for church. I can see where my hair broke off in the front of my head. It's only the very front and a few hairs, but to me it's a setback since my first goal is to eliminate breakage. Tonight, co-wash, light protein, air dry and pin curls.

(happy hair growing)

Hair journey post - Texlax attempt after 8 week stretch (05/30/09)

I self-texlaxed today with ORS Olive Oil No-lye. This is my first real texlax. I watched You Tube to get some techniques all week. Conclusion: I really need to find a stylist. The whole thing was a mess. I tried to use the color brush, but it was too large for my sections. I got some relaxer where I didn't want any. I left it on my right side way longer than on my left side. My worst self relaxer in years. Maybe I was too nervous. Anyways, my roots are smoother, not too straight and I think my hair grew a little. I feel some hair brushing on my shoulders. I have to wait for my husband to take some pics tonight or tomorrow. The ones I took are awful. I'll post them ASAP. Let's see how I like my second cycle. I will try to stretch 9 weeks this time. So far so good, but I am very hard on myself. Maybe next relaxer I'll be able to claim SL (shoulder length). *crossing fingers* 


Losing weight after baby - entry #2 (a little less than a year after baby #3)

Along with sharing the good and the bad of being a mother of three and my mommy favorites, I will dedicate this blog as my weight loss blog and hair journey experience.  It seems that I need an outlet to write down ideas and thoughts and although I may not publish all my entries, I will share my journey for the most part because I know that for me, other people's stories really inspire me.

So since I left of last time, no real progress, no real weight lost.  In trying to understand my reasons, I realized that motivation was lacking.  I've done it before, I know what I need to do and yet, I do not do it.  Why?  I am really not sure why but I know I put it off to tomorrow every day.

It's only 40 lbs

Indeed, I need to lose 40 lbs to be healthy and even 45 lbs to be at my goal weight.  It's funny (but not really funny) how this number goes up every so often in my life.  I remember when I only had 25 lbs to lose and how desperate I was back then.  Now, I can only wish that it was 25.  So here is to saying "at least it's not 50 lbs or 100 lbs".

I've been checking out some weight loss blogs and a lot of people start their journey with 100 lbs to lose.  I need to focus on how much needing to lose only 40 lbs is a good thing. It could have been more.

I have a big event coming up

I will be travelling for my cousin's wedding in a short few days (twenty something days)...  I am in a panic.  Being this weight is not great but when you are going to see people you haven't seen in a while, it's worst.  They remember me skinny (or skinnier I should say).  Most people when they see me now-a-days are stunned at how much I've "changed".  Some of them don't even recognize me.  Boy, I must be really ugly or something.  I really don't know how to take it.  It kind of irritates me a little in all truth but I'm the type of person to brush things off my shoulders and not let other people's opinion of me have an effect on me.  I don't know...  Some days, it's really hard to live with this principle.  I always tell myself: "I'll show them sooner or later".

I need a plan

My failure seems to come from the fact that I have not been able to stick to a real diet plan while I am home with the baby.  I put myself and my needs last.  I take care of the baby, my older kids, my husband and then myself.  I need to really re-evaluate.  I think taking the time to carve out a real plan with a step by step to do list of every thing I need to do daily in order to achieve my goal in a timely manner.

So far, my ideas are to make my meal plans and schedule my food intake so that my blood sugar never dips or spikes.  I've noticed that this has been a problem for me.  I will also schedule my workouts ahead of time for a month at a time.

My schedule will not only help me to succeed, it will also help me with my grocery list.  What uselessly happens is that I eat whatever is in the house and when it comes with to shopping for groceries, I am afraid of buying produce because of waste.  I'm hoping that when my new plan works out, I will buy the good food and cook it because I will be following a plan.

Getting started

As I said, I need to be held accountable and that's the reason why I am blogging this weight loss.  Also, after many years of wondering what I did that really helped me this time or that time,  

Hair journey post - I made it... 8 weeks post relaxer for the first time (05/26/09)

I did it!!!! I wasn't sure I would but I did. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't as hard as I thought. It is true, it is important to plan ahead and have an idea on how to solve unpredictables.

Planning my stretch is what helped me. I knew I wanted to stretch for 8 weeks so I prepared my hair to be able to do it. I got a little nervous around 5-6 weeks post. It felt like I was loosing hair the way I usually did when I didn't relax my new growth right away. I added one co-washed a week and stopped combing/brushing/manipulating my hair.

I'm supposed to relax tomorrow or Saturday. It'll probably be Saturday, if I can hold on... I am really happy. But I won't risk extending my stretch this time. Next time I might add one weeks and stretch 9 weeks. I'll add one week until I can stretch 12-14 weeks or until my hair says no more stretching. We'll see how my hair feels, I am still learning to understand my hair.

I am loving the feel of my new growth on my fingers. For me it is a symbol of a great accomplishment.

Happy hair growing everyone.

Present day commentary

I am now able to stretch my relaxer for 12-13 weeks without any problems.  I am even able to go longer at times.  I don't even think about it.  I just do my regular routine, my hair stays moisturized and I texlax (I don't relax bone straight anymore) when I feel like it.

How I stretch my relaxer

The most important thing is to change your way of thinking about your hair.  Having curly roots is not bad, it's good.

By doing my daily routines and my weekly hair care regimen, my hair stays soft and moisturized for at least 8 weeks without much effort.  After that, to stretch to 12 weeks, I manipulate my hair less, chose hairstyles that are gentle to my roots like buns.  Mostly, the trick is to moisturize well on wash day.  If your deep conditioning is good, your hair will stay moisturized and stretching will be easier.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hair journey post - Seeing is believing (04/30/09)

I hadn't seen any progress with my hair. I guess seeing is believing. I posted three pictures last week-end. Just doing that reminded me of how far I have come.

Indeed, I did a BC last August because my hair shed excessively after my second pregnancy and it was no longer possible to hold on to the length. I was fine with it. I liked getting my hair cut in a cute style because I could never achieve length. Might as well have fun and be creative… But from August to January, my hair grew nicely.

I still had a little problem with my crown area, I think with my weekly regimen and the daily moisture, it will soon be solve.

Anyway, I was supposed to take a picture for the start of the castor oil challenge. I didn't have my camera, so I guess I’ll post it next Saturday (one week late) after washing, drying and moisturizing/sealing. We'll see what progress was made from Jan to April. If I see it I'll believe.

What a great adventure!!!

Now I need to know if my hair will grow past its breaking point (grazing shoulder length). This should be soon since I am now at low NL.

I can’t wait. I’ll definitely educate friends and family and more on healthy hair care if I succeed on my journey.

(This collage was made in August 2009 for a one year update for my big cut to a few month after starting my hair journey)

Why do I feel like I’m part of a revolution? I’m sure people have been sharing this knowledge for decades. Why the misinformation from our mothers (bless their hearts) and from licensed beauticians(!#@!$@#$@)? I praise the internet for allowing this knowledge to spread all over the world.

My very first goal is full shoulder length + thickness. After I reached this goal (meaning I will trim until my ends are no longer see-through) I will go for mid back length.

HHG everyone!

Present day commentary

I still feel like I am part of a revolution but people aren't falling in line.  I still don't know anyone who really is following a hair journey for the long haul.  It is a struggle sometimes.  But Your head has to be in a place where you will not give up because it takes a while to get where yau want to go.  It's a long journey.  I've been doing it for almost 5 years.

Hair journey post - Building my regimen (04/28/09)

I look at my regimen as a cycle. The first day of my cycle is relaxer day. I will try to stretch 8 weeks for the very first time this cycle (started April 8th '09). I will document the state of my hair at every relaxer.

Relaxer day

I will protect my hair and scalp with vaseline or any petroleum base.
Use ORS Olive Oil to relax. I will go to the hairdresser for this and not self relax anymore.
Will take a picture to document progress.


I will wash my hair 2 x a week (co-wash an additional day when growth is hard to handle)
Week right after relaxer, I will use a chelating shampoo (Joico).
From week 2 to 7 I will use Crème Of Nature (green label)
Wash right before relaxer I will clarify (Joico)
I will deep condition at every wash


I will moisturize 2 x a day (or at least once) : Wave Nouveau + Hot Six Oil to seal
Sleep with satin bonnet/scarf
Style in protective styles 90% of time
Use no heat unless it's relaxer day or very special occasion

Present day commentary

Building a regimen is as simple as deciding what best hair practices you will exercise to retain length, strength and thickness.  There is no one size fits all and over the years you may realize what you were doing in the beginning is not what you're doing 3-4 years down the line.

This regimen is my first and my present regimen looks a lot like it.  I've simplified it and modified it for winter days.  Some products, I no longer use...

Hair journey post - Guilty as charged (04/11/09)

When it comes to hair care, I plead guilty, guilty, guilty. The charge is abused to the first, second and third degree. After years of abusing my hair, I had a vision last week. Indeed, it was time to do a retouch of my relaxer, something that I “like” to do myself more often than I should. Anyways, I went to a store to buy the box kit and I guess I saw the women on the boxes and said to myself: "How come my hair doesn’t look like that?" The question was asked and answered... I have not given my hair the care it deserved to allow it to grow past my shoulders. These days, it even has a hard time growing to my neck. So I've decided to repent and I have sentenced myself to reading, surfing the internet, watching YouTube to learn more about hair care and to apply what I learn that makes sense for my hair.

I like my hair relaxed. I tried the natural look for a couple of years, but didn’t really like it. Plus, natural or with chemicals, without proper hair care my hair just doesn't grow. When I realized that it is not the relaxer that was damaging may hair, I went back to a hair salon for the first time in 2 years and started relaxing my hair again. The picture with the blue top shows my hair length after my second relaxer in July 2006. I vowed to go and have my hair done by a professional more often back then. I was also post-partum from my first child (my daughter) and still breast-feeding.

I also added a picture of my hair shoulder length. In July 2007, I had my son; yes they are very close, 14 months difference. During my second pregnancy, I really saw my hair growing, it was amazing. They say when you are pregnant with a boy; your hair will grow a lot. In my case, that was true.

I lost all that hair and body during the post-partum period. My hair started to fall out and shed like crazy. I even had bald spots in the front. It was traumatizing for me.

I have now decided, 5 years after cutting all my hair off to see if it would finally grow that my hair needs more care. Also, I have a daughter to whom I have to teach good hair hygiene, so I’d better start now to be good at it when she is older.

I am not going to cut it all off again to start fresh this time. I did a trim instead. It was a very light trim. I might have to go again next relaxer to another salon to trim again.

I haven't started my regimen. Next week-end... I am still in the process of buying products and gathering information.

Montreal and Laval (Canada) Hairlista's please add me. I need to know where you go and what you do. I need value for my buck.

c u next time,