Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My second Filofax - personal size Aston in Orchid

Just as I suspected, I will not be part of the exception who only own one Filofax.  I already purchased my second Filofax about one month after purchasing my first.  As you remember, I already have an A5 Chameleon in red and I absolutely love it.

I purchased the Aston to replace my big Roots wallet.  I always carry a big wallet and a small coin purse in a large purse.  I am a self-admitted over-packer.  I like to have everything with me just in case.  My big wallet looked like this.

This big wallet could carry all my cards and all the receipts, business cards, check books, and notes that I needed all in one place.  It wasn't super organized but I made it work.  I never carry coins in my big wallets because the coin pocket is never functional for me.  This is why I always have a cute coin purse with at least two sections where I can put my most used debit/credit cards, coins and paper money folded up as well as loyalty cards to my favorite coffee shop or other stores.

So as I said, in my purse, there is a big wallet, a coin purse and also a small organizer.  I decided to combine the wallet and the organizer into one item.

This set up will absolutely work for me but I don't know if the Aston is a great choice for a wallet.  I think I can make it work.  I've only had it for a week.  I'll use it for longer and tweak here and there until everything is right.  There isn't as many pockets in the Aston.  I had many sections to divide things like cash, receipts, notes, etc.

I was considering the Holborn which got rave reviews as a wallet Filofax , but I am into colorful accessories and when the Aston went on sale (50% off), I debated for a long time but knew that I really wanted the Orchid.  On the Filofax USA website, they only offer the Holborn in black and brown.  At least if they had the wine color, I could have had real options.

I also read that the Chameleon is also a better wallet in the personal size.  I can believe that, it's such a great A5 for me.  However, since I already own a Chameleon, I was looking for a different model.

The Aston came with a set of inserts, of course.  They are all cotton cream.  I got the week on two pages, some notes pages, some to-do lists, some tabs and addresses pages.

Let's see what comes next...  I wanted a pocket size but I know that this size will be too small for me.  I'm a big wallet kind of girl.  The pocket size would be less than half the size of my big wallet.  I may get a different personal size if I don't like the Aston or a compact size.  Or I may stop at two.


Carla H. said...

Been on the lookout for the perfect wallet myself so have been using my Filofax as a wallet, too. Works well so far. The Holborn makes a wonderful wallet and the personal size in Wine is available through pensandleather.com if you're still interested. That's where I got mine. They're a good company and shipped fast (I live in the US). :)

joannebu said...

Hi, I am the opposite to yoy! I have my pocket chameleon in red as a purse/wallet/notebook/month on two pages planner, only got it today but seems to be just the right set-up! Just on the look out for an a5 chameleon in red for my home planner. Keep up the super blog, regards jo (uk) x