Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My take on Angus T. Jones' rant

This morning, I read about Angus T. Jones' rant about him not wanting to be on "Two and a Half Men" anymore.  Just to give you an idea, what he is mostly saying is that his character Jake is insignificant and the show is not a good show.  He is boldly asking people to stop watching the show because he doesn't want to be on the show anymore. He is also saying that mostly television is a way for the devil to reach people and that we should be aware.  I actually agree with him.  Although I love to watch television, I try to be selective and not watch just anything.

I saw the video on You Tube, read an article on TMZ.com and also took a little time to read some of the comments.  What really stuck with me is the negative comments about his faith.

In general, it seems, the public is mostly negative towards anyone doing something, anything.   What I mean is that whenever someone is doing something, there's always nay-sayers and negative comments.  I think that's really sad.  I myself try to always be positive, supportive and encouraging.

I watched the footage and completely understood where he was coming from. I am myself a christian. I am Baptist-Evangelical, a very strict denomination of protestants and we do believe in what Angus was talking about.  You sometimes have to leave who you love and what you know to make a stand.  In his case right now, it seems he can't leave the show.

It is not about being ungrateful. It is about standing up for what you believe.  Obviously, he is bound by his contract.  However, why would he sit there and not say anything about the fact that he is playing a character he truly does not believe in.  He would prefer not to be portraying a pot-head, it's against his beliefs.  He feels responsible and does not want the young people who watch him to think that he condones in any way whatever idea and actions the show or his character think up or act on.

I understand him and am frustrated that people are coming down on him as hard as they did on Charlie Sheen even comparing him to Charlie Sheen.  What he is saying is that because of his faith he cannot stay silent while he honors the rest of his contract.  If he stays silent, in his mind, the devil wins.  Our responsibility as Christian is to take any opportunity we are given to speak the Word.  There is so much darkness in the world, how can we come down on someone who sees the light.

Of course, people want him to be moderate and shut up.  When you rock people's boats, it seems, you get on their bad side.  What is wrong with him voicing that he doesn't relate to the content of the show he is working on?  He is a human being, a young man at that.  Isn't he allowed to grow?  He grew up to be a good person, not a drug addict or a drunk.  Someone who want to live by upstanding values.  What is wrong with that?

The negative comments are saying that he is ungrateful because he gets paid by the very show he is bashing.  To me, it doesn't look like he thinks that he is going to cause the cancellation of the show just by making this little video.  However, he did speak to his fans and people of his church to let them know that he does he's not like Jake and that he is serious about his faith.  It is a good thing people.

In my life, a lot of people I know don't like their jobs (think McDonald's, Walmart, etc). That does not make them ungrateful. It makes them human. Whenever the opportunity for something better presents itself, they will go on to another job. But in the mean time, whenever they can tell me how much they hate their job, they do, just because they can, as they should.

I always say not to judge someone until you've walked in their shoes.  In this case, he is a young man who came of age while working on a hit tv-show and it turns out the values displayed on this very show are not his own.  I don't think this warrants the negativity I've seen so far.

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