Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My mommy favorites - My Ju-Ju-Be diapers bags

My number one mommy favorite is my Ju Ju Be diaper bag.  I actually have two of them so I should say my two favorite mommy accessories.

I first purchased the Ju Ju Be - Be Prepared a little before giving birth to my baby.  My hospital bags were already packed but I was so excited about getting my new acquisition, I repacked the baby's things in my new Ju Ju Be. Here is what it looks like...  I got the Brown/Bubblegum.  It's perfect!

I am an over packer and I have always had big diaper bags so I knew the Be Prepared was the bag for me and it is.  However, I realized that for quick, everyday errands, this bag is way too big.  So I researched another one and settled on the PackaBe.

From the very beginning though, I honestly really wanted the BFF, but it was outside of my budget.  In fact, I purchased both of my bags "used" on eBay.  Amazing...  They were both in excellent, almost brand new condition.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone parting with their BFF within my budget.

What I actually found was the Packabe in the same print as my Be Prepared so they match!  And I really love the print! It's subtle yet cute, not too girly but still with nice girly accents like the pink in all the right places.

So together, they make the perfect diaper bag.  I use the big Be Prepared for all day outings when I pack multiple outfits, many diapers and some things for my two older kids like snacks and things to distract them (toys, coloring books, crayons, etc).

For everyday errands, when we are out for an hour or two or three, I take my Packabe.  Both bags can fit my mommy thing in a special pocket called the "mommy pocket" (my favorite thing about Ju-Ju-Be).  Both bags keep everything I pack organized.  All I do when I switch from one to the other is take my wallet and my phone and put it in the other bag.  The bags are always pre-packed according to mine and my baby's my needs.  Also, I just love the fact that no one has a bag like mine.  It's not like buying your bag at Walmart or Toys "R" Us, where most people I know, go.

I just love my diaper bags.  Here is the link for the company http://ju-ju-be.com/, the bags are also sold on eBay, Amazon and a few local and online stores.

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