Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My second Filofax - personal size Aston in Orchid

Just as I suspected, I will not be part of the exception who only own one Filofax.  I already purchased my second Filofax about one month after purchasing my first.  As you remember, I already have an A5 Chameleon in red and I absolutely love it.

I purchased the Aston to replace my big Roots wallet.  I always carry a big wallet and a small coin purse in a large purse.  I am a self-admitted over-packer.  I like to have everything with me just in case.  My big wallet looked like this.

This big wallet could carry all my cards and all the receipts, business cards, check books, and notes that I needed all in one place.  It wasn't super organized but I made it work.  I never carry coins in my big wallets because the coin pocket is never functional for me.  This is why I always have a cute coin purse with at least two sections where I can put my most used debit/credit cards, coins and paper money folded up as well as loyalty cards to my favorite coffee shop or other stores.

So as I said, in my purse, there is a big wallet, a coin purse and also a small organizer.  I decided to combine the wallet and the organizer into one item.

This set up will absolutely work for me but I don't know if the Aston is a great choice for a wallet.  I think I can make it work.  I've only had it for a week.  I'll use it for longer and tweak here and there until everything is right.  There isn't as many pockets in the Aston.  I had many sections to divide things like cash, receipts, notes, etc.

I was considering the Holborn which got rave reviews as a wallet Filofax , but I am into colorful accessories and when the Aston went on sale (50% off), I debated for a long time but knew that I really wanted the Orchid.  On the Filofax USA website, they only offer the Holborn in black and brown.  At least if they had the wine color, I could have had real options.

I also read that the Chameleon is also a better wallet in the personal size.  I can believe that, it's such a great A5 for me.  However, since I already own a Chameleon, I was looking for a different model.

The Aston came with a set of inserts, of course.  They are all cotton cream.  I got the week on two pages, some notes pages, some to-do lists, some tabs and addresses pages.

Let's see what comes next...  I wanted a pocket size but I know that this size will be too small for me.  I'm a big wallet kind of girl.  The pocket size would be less than half the size of my big wallet.  I may get a different personal size if I don't like the Aston or a compact size.  Or I may stop at two.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My take on Angus T. Jones' rant

This morning, I read about Angus T. Jones' rant about him not wanting to be on "Two and a Half Men" anymore.  Just to give you an idea, what he is mostly saying is that his character Jake is insignificant and the show is not a good show.  He is boldly asking people to stop watching the show because he doesn't want to be on the show anymore. He is also saying that mostly television is a way for the devil to reach people and that we should be aware.  I actually agree with him.  Although I love to watch television, I try to be selective and not watch just anything.

I saw the video on You Tube, read an article on TMZ.com and also took a little time to read some of the comments.  What really stuck with me is the negative comments about his faith.

In general, it seems, the public is mostly negative towards anyone doing something, anything.   What I mean is that whenever someone is doing something, there's always nay-sayers and negative comments.  I think that's really sad.  I myself try to always be positive, supportive and encouraging.

I watched the footage and completely understood where he was coming from. I am myself a christian. I am Baptist-Evangelical, a very strict denomination of protestants and we do believe in what Angus was talking about.  You sometimes have to leave who you love and what you know to make a stand.  In his case right now, it seems he can't leave the show.

It is not about being ungrateful. It is about standing up for what you believe.  Obviously, he is bound by his contract.  However, why would he sit there and not say anything about the fact that he is playing a character he truly does not believe in.  He would prefer not to be portraying a pot-head, it's against his beliefs.  He feels responsible and does not want the young people who watch him to think that he condones in any way whatever idea and actions the show or his character think up or act on.

I understand him and am frustrated that people are coming down on him as hard as they did on Charlie Sheen even comparing him to Charlie Sheen.  What he is saying is that because of his faith he cannot stay silent while he honors the rest of his contract.  If he stays silent, in his mind, the devil wins.  Our responsibility as Christian is to take any opportunity we are given to speak the Word.  There is so much darkness in the world, how can we come down on someone who sees the light.

Of course, people want him to be moderate and shut up.  When you rock people's boats, it seems, you get on their bad side.  What is wrong with him voicing that he doesn't relate to the content of the show he is working on?  He is a human being, a young man at that.  Isn't he allowed to grow?  He grew up to be a good person, not a drug addict or a drunk.  Someone who want to live by upstanding values.  What is wrong with that?

The negative comments are saying that he is ungrateful because he gets paid by the very show he is bashing.  To me, it doesn't look like he thinks that he is going to cause the cancellation of the show just by making this little video.  However, he did speak to his fans and people of his church to let them know that he does he's not like Jake and that he is serious about his faith.  It is a good thing people.

In my life, a lot of people I know don't like their jobs (think McDonald's, Walmart, etc). That does not make them ungrateful. It makes them human. Whenever the opportunity for something better presents itself, they will go on to another job. But in the mean time, whenever they can tell me how much they hate their job, they do, just because they can, as they should.

I always say not to judge someone until you've walked in their shoes.  In this case, he is a young man who came of age while working on a hit tv-show and it turns out the values displayed on this very show are not his own.  I don't think this warrants the negativity I've seen so far.

Friday, November 16, 2012

My Mommy Favorites - Tassimo T55

Any mommy will tell you, coffee is a necessity in her life.  Well, I am no different.  I love my cup of coffee in the morning.  It is a sacred time for me and I enjoy every little sip fully.

I started drinking coffee gradually as a young adult after I started working full-time.  I would mainly drink a small cup in the morning as I was starting my work day. I would buy my cup at the coffee shop in the lobby so it would be warm while I was drinking it at my desk.

Over the years, that routine remained, but the coffee cup grew in size.  From a small cup, I went to a large cup every morning and even sometimes an extra large one.

Unfortunately for me, I am the only avid coffee drinker in the house.  This made it difficult for me to brew the perfect cup every time with my traditional coffee maker.  Sometimes I was successful and drank a great cup, other times (most of the time), my cup was not so great.

Last mother's day, I decided that enough was enough and researched the single serve machines, mainly the Tassimo and the Keurig.

I read reviews and specs and finally decided on the Tassimo.  I went to my local retailers for comparison shopping and finally got it on special at Walmart.  I was really happy.

I've been using it for a few months and my review is: I LOVE IT!!!!!

The T-discs come in various different kinds of brands and beverages.  I found my favorites already and can a lot of time purchase my packs on special and save.  It it true that Keurig offers the possibility of making your own K-cups.  This is not possible with Tassimo. Nevertheless, I really enjoy the selection they offer and find the price point acceptable.

I would certainly recommend this product to my friends who love coffee.

Monday, October 29, 2012

My mommy favorites - Filofax A5 Chameleon (red)

January or September marks the time when most people go out to get planners and calendars to keep note of important dates, appointments and lists of things to do.

I'm no different.  Every year,  mostly in January, but sometimes in September, I go out to find that little calendar or planner that will help me remember things and get things done.  This year is no different.  I needed a planner last September and went and got one.  It turns out, I finally found the right system for me.

I got myself a planner, a big one, with the binder system that you can replace the inserts yearly. I got myself a Filofax.  I'm in love with it!

It all started the day I got a Day-timer Mom-Planner at Walmart.  I fell in love with the format and started reseaching the planner to see how other people liked theirs and and used it.  I didn't really find any reviews or blog regarding the Day-Timer Mom-Planner, but what I found was a whole community of Filofax users and lovers.  I read a few blogs and watched a ton of You Tube videos and finally went on the FilofaxUSA website to check out their products.

I wasn't sure which model I was going to get but I knew I wanted an A5.  After a few days of watching reviews and comparing prices, I stopped on the Chameleon in the color red.  I am very happy with it.  It wasn't my first choice or the one I absolutely wanted to get.  However, it was one of the high ends and it was 50% off.  I am really happy I got it.

I most definitely did not expect my Filofax to come this morning. I purchased it from FilofaxUSA on the 19th of October. A birthday present to myself... The website said 12 to 21 days for shipping to Canada. Still, 10 days later, it was at my door step. No email confirmation of the shipping or anything. Great surprise this morning!  I've seen people on You Tube unboxing their Filofax, what a feeling indeed.  You do feel like a kid at Christmas time.

It came with the end of 2012 and all of 2013 diary (week on two pages column style).  It also came with a plastic business card holder, black ruler (I want to get a transparent one), a few to-do sheets, a few colored note paper and a few cream dividers (blank ones and A-Z ones) and a thick note pad.  Oh yeah, and there are finance sheets and address sheets which I don't think I will use.  I do online banking and get my statement also online and all my contacts are on my iPhone and gmail for safekeeping.  I'll probably use the sheets as more note paper when I run out.

I've already started personalizing my binder.  I'm using colored pens, stickers, post-its, etc.  I am actually rekindling my love for Scrapbooking, it seems.  I used to really enjoy making albums.  I stopped after I got married, but now I have three kids and I want to start again and make different album featuring them.  I didn't know I was scapbooking then, I was a teenager.  Still, I spent hours working on my projects.  I may come back and share pictures once I finish personalizing it.

For now, I love it.  I'm using it first because I don't have a 2012 diary in my mom-planner.  In January 2013, I plan on switching to the other planner and reserve my Filofax for when I go back to work.  It will be my work binder.  We will see if I'm too hooked and can't use the other planner because Filofax is too great.

In all fairness, the day-timer mom-planner is also great.  It's the reason I discovered the Filofax.  But, I knew I needed a different binder for work and that's why I got a second one.  Now, I'm thinking of getting a Personal and use it as a wallet.  I have a big wallet, always prefered them.  I saw that the Personal would be just a little smaller than my current wallet.  The Pocket is way too small for me and the Compact does not offer enough choices in models for me.  I'll be doing my research on Filofax blog and You Tube again.  We shall see what I get in the next few weeks.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Losing weight after baby - entry #1 (wish I was like Beyoncé)

I've had my baby almost 3 months ago and I am still losing the baby weight gained during pregnancy.  I must say, the weight is not coming off as fast as it did the first few weeks, but so far, I have lost about 30 lbs without much effort. I still have 15lbs to lose to be at my pre-pregnancy weight.  Then, the real work will begin.  I will have to work at losing the 30lbs I have gained between 23 and 29.

I keep telling my friends and family that having a baby is not the end of sexy.  Some believe me, some don't.

It's funny because while I was pregnant, a friend of mine posted a picture of BeyoncĂ© on her Facebook page. B was about one month after giving birth and she was saying how impossible it was to look this good after such a short amount of time.  I disagreed with her.

Getting pregnant when you are fit is truly the best way to go.  Your body is already at the right weight so gaining weight to carry the baby is not a big deal.  Plus, you will not gain that much weight and even if you do, it won't be detrimental to your overall health and fitness level because you were not overweight in the first place. And the best part, losing weight will be a cinch because you body wants to get back to how it was before and because you were already used to working out and should naturally get back to your routine as soon as you body has healed.

The difference for me is that I started already overweight for all three of my pregnancies. But... I can say that my pregnancies didn't really make me gain weight.  I always got back to the weight I was right before getting pregnant.  The weight I have gained over the years is a result of poor education on how to feed my body.  I've gained weight between 23 and 26, lost weight for my wedding (27) and gained again right after that until I got pregnant at 29.

After my first pregnancy, I reached my pre-pregnancy weight after about 7 months post-partum, then I got pregnant again.  After my second pregnancy, I lost all the weight again in about 9 months.

I gained weight again 3 years later and I was unable to blame my pregnancies. 

All these years of struggling with about 30lbs to lose have showed me one thing: it's mathematical. If you eat too much, you will gain weight.  No matter what the situation is, the only reason we gain weight is that we take in too many calories.

Education is key!  Knowing how many calories your body needs to survive is important.  Knowing how many calories you eat in a day, in a week, in a month is important in order for you to have a handle on your weight.

People who don't gain weight must have a natural gage.  They know what their body needs without the math.  People who gain weight need the math.

This is what I will do to get back to the healthy body I once had.  I will count calories and workout.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My mommy favorites - My Ju-Ju-Be diapers bags

My number one mommy favorite is my Ju Ju Be diaper bag.  I actually have two of them so I should say my two favorite mommy accessories.

I first purchased the Ju Ju Be - Be Prepared a little before giving birth to my baby.  My hospital bags were already packed but I was so excited about getting my new acquisition, I repacked the baby's things in my new Ju Ju Be. Here is what it looks like...  I got the Brown/Bubblegum.  It's perfect!

I am an over packer and I have always had big diaper bags so I knew the Be Prepared was the bag for me and it is.  However, I realized that for quick, every day errands, this bag is way too big.  So I researched another one and settled on the PackaBe

From the very beginning though, I honestly really wanted the BFF, but it was outside of my budget.  In fact, I purchased both of my bags "used" on eBay.  Amazing...  They were both in excellent, almost brand new condition.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone parting with their BFF within my budget.

What I actually found was the Packabe in the same print as my Be Prepared so they match!  And I really love the print! It's subtle yet cute, not too girly but still with nice girly accents like the pink in all the right places.

So together, they make the perfect diaper bag.  I use the big Be Prepared for all day outings when I pack multiple outfits, many diapers and some things for my two older kids like snacks and things to distract them (toys, coloring books, crayons, etc).

For every day errands, when we are out for an hour or two or three, I take my Packabe.  Both bags can fit my mommy thing in a special pocket called the "mommy pocket" (my favorite thing about Ju-Ju-Be).  Both bags keep everything I pack organised.  All I do when I switch from one to the other is take my wallet and my phone and put it in the other bag.  The bags are always pre-packed according to mine and my baby's my needs.  Also, I just love the fact that no one has a bag like mine.  It's not like buying your bag at Walmart or Toys "R" Us, where most people I know, go.

I just love my diaper bags.  Here is the link for the company http://ju-ju-be.com/, the bags are also sold on eBay, Amazon and a few local and online stores.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hair and weightloss journeys updates

I have share a little on my hair care journey and my weight loss journey on this blog and I thought it might be time for a little update. 

Indeed, it's time for new beginnings. 

I had taken a break from my hair journey during my pregnancy because, frankly, I could not handle it.  I made sure I didn't sabotage myself but even if I wanted too, I couldn't spend the hours I was used to spending on my hair weekly. I was too exhausted and sick to do anything but the strict minimum.

The pregnancy didn't make my hair grow faster.  It did, however, prevent shedding and even breakage.  So my hair sustained those few months without care also considering a cut in October and in April.  My hair is still SL, my breaking point.  We have never been longer.

I thought I might want to go natural after the baby, but I'm not sure.  I don't really want to.  I am texlaxed, and I love it.  I didn't know about texlaxing before my hair journey.  But right now, for me, it's a great alternative in my opinion, the best of both world.  So I guess, hair journey wise, I'll be trying to break that terminal length ceiling I've been stuck under and try to reach APL.

I will try to follow a consistent regimen; wash weekly, DC at least weekly, hot oil treatment weekly, protect my hair daily.

As for my weight loss journey, another new beginning.  Last time I mentioned this subject, I was in a dark place.

I did try Atkins and decided that it was a fad diet for me.  I needed to understand my body and how I could be better with my health.  I joined Spark People the same month that I tried Atkins, August 2010.  However, I really started my journey with Spark People in May 2011 and what a great journey it was.  I followed it for about 4 months and lost 17 pounds.  After that, I got pregnant and put dieting to the side.

Now, I just had the baby and I am breastfeeding so I don't plan on dieting just yet.  I m losing the baby weight without effort for now.  When the scale stops going down, I'll slowly start reintroducing calorie counting.  I will be fully back on the Spark People wagon in a few months with a smile and confidence that I will succeed.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mother of three... finally

In 2007, I shared my son's delivery story on my Facebook page.  This time, I chose my blog.  I'm hoping to share my first year with three kids regularly on this blog.

And so, on July 19th 2012, my baby girl was born.  I had been waiting for 41 weeks and 2 days.  The wait was unbearable. And as like previously, I had felt small contractions here and there for weeks, but nothing that would announce the arrival of the baby.

Finally, in the late afternoon of the Wednesday July 18th, I started to feel something.  Nothing major, but I still told my hubby that it might be the beginning of "something".  But really, I was just hoping.

I was, in any case, scheduled to be induced that next morning at 5h30 am.  I really did not want to be induced, but had accepted my faith telling myself that what I really wanted is the baby in my arms and healthy.

So I started to feel little contractions on the Wednesday.  We brought our older kids to their caregivers and went on with the rest of the evening.  My husband went to bed, but I, as usual, had a hard time falling asleep.

At around 1am, I started feeling stronger contractions.  They still weren't super strong.  I could still handle them, but started to time them with my iPhone (I have a contraction timer application on my phone, very handy). The contractions were more than 10 minutes apart and not really regular.  It was hard for me to evaluate when to go to the hospital. 

The doctor had told me on my last appointment the previous week that I should come as soon as it starts, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't a false alarm.  Apparently, going to the hospital for nothing was a big deal to me.

So I purposely waited until they were closer together and more painful.

At around 2am, I went to take a shower and right after that woke my hubby so he could do the same.  Around 3am, I started to feel stronger contractions and told my husband it was time to go.  Well, at that point, it was already "too late".

The strong contractions started all of a sudden and they came one minute apart right away.  I went from 8 min to 1 min in the matter of one contraction.  Unreal...  But the same thing happened with my son.  We headed to the hospital, the car ride was excruciating.  We got to the hospital, went straight to the birthing centre, the car stayed in the emergency entrance and they took me to a triage room to check me.

Like for my son, I was already 9cm and almost ready to push upon arrival.  My husband ran to go park the car and come back before I pushed the baby out.  My water broke while he was away and I was already in position to push when he came back.

Pushed her out in 3-4 contractions, maybe 5 because I was afraid to push at first.   

I had prayed for everything to go well and for me to be "present" through the whole thing.  Sometimes when you are going through something that scares you, you can retreat in your mind and let the auto-pilot take over.  Ithink I did that for Eliott's birth.  This time, I did not want the auto-pilot to take over.  I was present through the whole thing and can say once again that natural child birth is the best choice.

She was born about 30min after our arrival to the hospital.  For me, it was a wonderful experience.  Of course, I consider myself lucky because my labor was short.  I can't say I could have endured the big contractions for hours on end. But less than a couple of hours was bearable.

Now, I have a newborn and two preschoolers and a wonderful husband.  I am in love with all of them.  It's a wonderful feeling.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Passing time before baby

So, I am 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant and expecting my baby any minute now.  I cannot wait! 

Let's see...  This pregnancy was not a walk in the park for me.  I can't say that I am not super excited that it is over, well almost.  It should also be our last pregnancy.  We both agree.  I am happy and feel so blessed that God gave us three wonderful children.  I have never met our third baby, but so far she is amazing.

I'm thinking about doing a mommy blog while on maternity leave.  Once in a while writing about my experience as a third time mommy.  I really want to remember every moment and share what I can on this blog.

I wish I could do You Tube videos.  I love watching videos and vlogs about numerous subjects; makeup, hair, baby/mommy, organization and more.  I'm just too shy to do it.  But I love writing, so I'll share in this way.

So right now, imagine me with a huge belly, ready to pop.  In a few days, I'll be ready to share her arrival and how our lives have changed since.

Tomorrow is my 40 week appointment.  I'm guessing they will check how far along I am.  I can tell you right now, nothing is happening.  I also guess they will set up my induction date if ever I don't go into labor on my own.  Since it's my third baby, I know my body doesn't go into labor before 40 weeks.  I had my first daughter at 40w 4days and my son at 41 weeks even.  So for now, we wait.

The wait is not too exciting and the anticipation is killing me.  I just can't wait to see her little face.  Event though they look like little aliens when they first come out, I think my kids are the most beautiful children on this earth.  From beautiful aliens when they first come out to little angels just a few hours after that.

I pray for a safe and uneventful labor and delivery with a healthy baby in the end.  That's all I want.

Until next time,